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Empowering SAP Business One Partners with configurable mobile apps for

OntegoOne is exclusively designed for SAP Business One Partners.
No setup fee. No minimum terms. Pay per use.
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Satisfy your customers needs.
With best mobile UX.

OntegoOne Mobility is specially made to improve the workers job. Easy to use and intuitive, making the work faster, less error-prone and overall more attractive.

Resulting in the best tools for the best workers.


The User Interfaces are industry-proven in various ERP processes. Since 20 years Ontego stands out for excellent mobile apps in tough conditions. Connecting to all kinds of ERP and thereforse providing the necessary data at the right time to the right place. And only when the worker needs it.


Ready to use mobility
for common logistics processes

OntegoOne is 100% configuration based which allows the easy customizing of business processes. For daily work the app is securely connected to the leading SAP Business One System in the clients intranet.

Goods Receipt

Typical process in almost any business. The incoming goods are being checked against delivery notes from the suppliers.

Pick & Pack

Lists maintained by SAP Business One brought directly to the picking zone on the mobile device. Fast working through barcode scanning.

Inventory Status

Always keep an eye on the actual status of goods in stock. Via barcode or other identifiers. Fast check over several warehouse instances.

Inventory Transfer

Easy and reliable transfers of goods from one warehouse to another, or within the warehouse. Depending on the determined type in SAP B1.

Inventory Counting

Ensure counting accuracy and effectiveness. Control inventory items with counting lists, barcode scanning and real-time updates.


Goods leaving the company for end customers or other continued processes. Based on sales orders operated in SAP Business One.

Coming soon

We're extending the platform in terms of more integrated intralogistics processes like Receipt from Production or Quality Control.


Customize mobile apps without any coding.

Don‘t invent the wheel over recurring customers requirements. Simply change settings. Whether it is table layouts, barcode scanning, entry options or any other SAP Business One specs. We have it all implemented for your convenience.

True WYSIWYG Preview

See the effects of all options directly on the mobile screen while you configure for your customers needs.

Easy distribution to your customers

The app checks and loads new configurations automatically when connected to the internet.

Get control about everything.

Manage your customers B1 systems and keep track of the mobile apps, their configuration and total costs. All self-serviced in the Cloud Cockpit. We don‘t even need to know your customers name.

Dashboard views of active clients and costs

Instant access to the customers usage. Option to limit the total number of active client licenses per customer to avoid overusage.

Customize, deactivate and copy configurations

Manage your customers with setting up different systems for Test, Staging and Production environment with easy copy funnction.


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200+ Ontego Mobility Customers across all industries

Benefit from our expertise, focus on yours.

OntegoOne comes with industry-proven mobile user experience. Business Mobility is in our DNA, since 20 years. We take care about things like mobile OS changes, mobile devices and SAP integration. You do what you do best: consulting your customer.


Empowering your mobile business strategy

Only pay when your customers use it.

OntegoOne mobile apps check in once per month, when they are used. We are charging only those active mobile devices and you can even limit them.

Decide your individual pricing.

Whether your customers pay you monthly, one-time or even nothing at all. You decide how you want to integrate OntegoOne in your sales strategy.

No setup fees. No minumum terms.

We believe in our product. That‘s why there are no strings attached. You can start and quit anytime you want. Self-serviced.


Works on any type
of mobile device

Whether it is a rugged or a consumer smartphone, Ontego comes with built-in tools like a specially designed software keyboard for touch devices or integrated barcode scanning.
To provide the best experience on every device.

Industry-capable touch devices are widely used nowadays.
With a special software keyboard workers can handle inputs better and faster.

Industry-capable devices with keypads are still popular, i.e. in the delivery businesses. Controls are automatically adjusted for usage with those devices.

Today even consumer smartphones stand for business use in logistics processes. Low-priced outdoor devices are a serious alternative.

Make SAP Business One move ahead

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